And the linen closet? No worries! 3 Reasons This Underbed Can Help!

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And the linen closet?  No worries!  3 Reasons This Underbed Can Help!
Shallow underbed storage bags

Our new shallow storage bags are perfect for storing linens, seasonal items and more. Maybe you need a similar storage solution in your home! I know some people have luxury bedroom linens, but not this item! We have rooms, we can’t dedicate one to towels. Our main bed sheets fit in the farmer’s room, but I have a creative option for guest linens. We decided to look for small substrate storages so we could tie them in small spaces like under our rattan day.

Do you forget what items you put under the bed? Here is the solution!

Honestly, I didn’t always prefer to store the substrate as I used to forget what I put there! But I found a solution to that, so I’m going to share it today with a brief discovery of underlay bags, how we use them, and three reasons why they work so well for us.

One of the organizing principles I use (and it’s shared in my book Make Room for What You Love) is that it’s usually a little easier to remember where things are if you put them 1. Know that you’re going to use them (not just clutter in storage!) 2) Group items together that are in a relative category and 3 ) put them in a place that makes some sense to you.

So, for example, if I put camping gear and Christmas serving dishes under the guest bed, I probably won’t remember where either of them are months later. Of course it does not suit me that they should be kept there or together, so that it is easier for me to forget. But if you only have room under the bed for both things, or if you’re easy to forget things you thought you’d want to remember for sure (like me, ha!) you can use some kind of time management system. store the board in your closet or planner.

And the linen closet?  No worries!  3 Reasons This Underbed Can Help!
Sources: Rattan Daybed // Rug // Navy Plaid Pillow // Similar Turquoise Animal Otomi Pillow

I like these shallow underbed storage bags for three reasons

In addition to being a useful solution for accommodating guest linens, these lightweight underlay storage bags work well for us for several other reasons.

  1. The bags have fabric fronts. Even if you can see them under the bed, it’s not as ugly as some other items. Our guest double bed has a closet, but this one doesn’t. The fronts of the fabric help to keep the viewers entertained!
  2. Second, the purses are shallow enough to fit under our day bed. Our day is pretty close to the ground, but it has a lot of support and leg under it. These are perfect for a small space.
  3. The third feature I really like about these storage bags is they have solid side panels that make it easier to slide in and out. I have other zippered purses that work for organizing closets or bedrooms, but they don’t hold their shape when I squish them under the bed. They also have handles which are convenient.
And the linen closet?  No worries!  3 Reasons This Underbed Can Help!
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What fits in the bags under the bed?

We were able to fit two bags under our shallow storage bed. One winter twin bed. In addition to the twin rattan bed, we have two REI sleeping cabins, which we will put sheets on as well as a sofa that can be used as a bed, so we needed more twin sheets. The other bag is more spring and summer cotton sheets and blankets. Since the suitable space under the sofa is so narrow, we use it with sheets and thin rugs rather than heavy ones.

We placed two of these zippered bags under the double guest bed sheets and blankets as well. At least we could fit two bags, but alas, the guitars are also slim, ha! The place for the guitar may be random, but it’s the only option in this place. (My husband doesn’t often play these particular guitars, but it needs to be in the house where the temperature is more moderate, so they can’t be in the garage and we don’t have room in the bedroom).

For it is read where I store the bedding in bulk (such as mattress pads)

And the linen closet?  No worries!  3 Reasons This Underbed Can Help!

Where do I store bulkier mattresses like mattress pads?

We use extra hoods on our feather mattresses for chests and beds that don’t fit under the beds as well as the sheets, so we use our rattan trunks instead. You can swear by the trunks we have, but I’ve finally seen the price increase significantly. If that’s still happening when you’re reading this, check out some other goodies I have in my Amazon Shopping Basket. Alternatives if you don’t have the bedroom space, dressers, covered benches under the foot of the bed, or storage ottomans (find some storage ottomans in our small space Amazon workshop).

Double duty maximum spaces

If you have a smaller home or less storage, you need to be a little more creative with what you store and how you use the appropriate space. For example, we like to have a room here during the day, because while it is my office, it doubles as a transparent bed for watching TV (with many pillows to support the back) and as a place for our college son or guests to sleep.

In a smaller home, it’s ideal when furniture can do double duty. I’d probably say it’s triple the duty when even guest linens are made handy for storage with our new underlay storage bags! A small house can be a challenge to organize, but I think getting creative with the space is a fun challenge.

I hope this post was helpful!

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