Cozier Entry Mood Board

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Cozier Entry Mood Board
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Cozier Entry Mood Board

Entryways are such working spaces. Maybe you haven’t thought about your entryway as a room that could (or should!) be cozy. But if this is a space that will welcome your family and friends into your home, let’s give it a chance!

We just did a little redo in our little entryway and I LOVE how it feels now! Only a thing or two has changed, but it definitely feels more like fall now. I will share what we did tomorrow!

In a large entry you would have plenty of space to add more cozy furniture and decorations. This makes it easier in some ways, but if you have a smaller space like I do (or a front door that just opens directly into the living room like Kylee, see her entry here) a cozy feeling can be created with smaller pieces. . Too much fun!

Cozier Entry Mood Board

Mondays aren’t always the most inspiring day of the week or day, but I hope to change that with the Monday Mood boards! Our Cozy Entry Mood Board will offer you some ideas and hopefully get you thinking about the mood of your own entry!

Is your entry warm and welcoming? I love the style of this table, these elements are beautiful and practical and could be adapted to any season. The blocks that are entered in our table are collections of elements that could also be adapted to the size of the entry or the space of its own shape.

Since the entry is also a very necessary function, the comfort and the falling chance can be shared with the elements that are of use to you in your space. You don’t have to spend a lot of time adding decorations that might feel more cluttered than cozy, especially if you don’t have a large space to work with.

Here are some ideas for inspiration from the mind board. You can use one item to love, or recreate the whole mood with the elements that make up your space. Even without a dedicated entryway, you’ll be able to adapt some of these ideas to your front door.

Monday Mood Boards is all about mood planning, so I hope you’re feeling inspired today.

Maybe your entryway would be more dignified and useful if you added a basket to hold your shoes. You can add a fabric rug to catch raindrops entering your home. If you have space in your entryway or near a wall, maybe add a comfortable bench where you can sit and put your boots (ideally with storage for a few stands!). Add two pillows to the bench for comfort and to match the color or pattern.

If you have some wall space, but no closet (or room in the back door of the room!) hang hooks to hang a sheet when you come inside. It can take some time to add heat to the art and let the nod fall. A new entry fixture will not only update the style and bring dark light to the entry, but the choice of a warm finish can warm the mood. A small mirror wrapped in something near the door is always wonderful to let more light into the room, but it can also be a practical place to check your lipstick, lips or teeth before you open the door or head out for the day.

Stay tuned to see what I’ve been up to, so I’ll take a chance on my entry! It’s so simple and I used what I had! I can’t wait to show you!

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Click the link below for mod source details:

A round wooden mirror

False fig

Basket weave leather handle

Striped pillow cover

Wildflower Pillow Cover

Seagrass Rug

Metal Framed Landscape Art

Clear glass shade brass ceiling light (find on Amazon – see more lights I like here)

Louver at bench with Removable Cushion (lots of color options)

Black Wire Wall Hook Rack

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Cozier Entry Mood Board

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