The Attractive Minimalist Facade Of An Exposed Brick House In Bangalore Is Memorable

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Residential architecture in an urban area poses the challenge of designing an elegant home that makes a statement from the outside and reflects a modern style on the inside. The challenge is magnified in a city where the rules are concrete, especially when clients want a unique design and specific features in their dream home. The team at Vivid Storeys LLP, an end-to-end architectural design and house construction firm based in Bangalore, have achieved a fantastic result in the modern house based here. The minimalist architecture optimizes natural light and ventilation, with well-placed balconies connecting interior and exterior spaces.

Vivid mansions have created premium looking residences at an affordable price, in accordance with the demands and budget. The design, construction, and implementation were completely handled end-to-end by the firm’s teams to deliver a quality project within budget & deadline, resulting in client satisfaction.

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